Laurier CSASM Seminar Series presents:

Quantum Computation and Quantum Circuit Model

Lianao Wu

Universidad del Pais Vasco and Ikerbasque, Spain


The ultimate information processor in modern quantum technology is a quantum computer: a computer that uses quantum bits, qubits, and quantum circuitry to perform calculations. A quantum computer is able to solve problems that are impossible for classical computers. In the next decades, quantum computers might move out of research labs and into practical applications.

This talk will introduce quantum computation and a computation model -- Quantum circuit model, which is the counterpart of classical circuit model.

About the speaker:

Dr. Lianao Wu is an Ikerbasque Research Professor in the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the UPV-EHU in Leioa, Spain. He has 25 years of research experience in scientific centres in Canada, China, Japan, Europe, and the United States.
His main research lines are: Quantum Control, Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Devices

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